Montag, 30. August 2010


In the last years Mălâncrav became known primarily for its visits of Charles, Prince of Wales. After a cautious restoration the former mansion of the Apafi family, once used by his Royal Highness, is open for visitors today. Alongside, a little further up the hill from the village the Evangelic Lutheran Fortified Church has been erected. In the Roman church visitors can find one of the best-preserved examples of 14th century linear-narrative gothic painting in Transylvania. At a length of about 20 meters, the biblical salvation history is depicted in numerous images. The paintings date from the 14th Century.

Mălâncrav is one of the last villages in Transylvania that still has a large Saxon community preserving numerous traditions. The village lies at the end of a beautiful valley and is surrounded by a gentle hilly landscape. A dense network of hiking trails leads to the neighboring villages.

A wide range of accommodations in private homes is available in Mălâncrav. Especially in the summer months, it is the perfect place to rest and relax for a few hours or days.

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