Montag, 2. August 2010


Aţel with its charming fortified church is located in a picturesque side valley of the Târnava Mare River. The ensemble is a typical example of medieval defence architecture, and contains many hidden treasures that can be discovered by visitors. A concealed stone spiral staircase leads directly from the sacristy into the attic. The double-wall bell tower features even more surprises. The defense platform on the top floor offers a magnificent view of the surrounding village and landscape. From here one can also trace the course of an escape tunnel rediscovered only 50 years ago, which leads from the church to a nearby creek.

In Aţel the historic image of the village with its traditional Saxon farmhouses has been preserved to a large extend. The village is surrounded by a hilly landscape. Numerous hiking trails provide opportunities for shorter and longer tours to neighboring villages and to other fortified churches.

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