Montag, 27. September 2010


The Fortified Church of Prejmer was of particular strategic importance for centuries because it lies at the exit of the Buzău Pass, over which main invasions of Transylvania had to pass. The village was attacked and destroyed over 50 times between the 13th and 17th century. The fortified church however was only taken a few times.

A 30-meter long entrance tunnel, with portcullis and solid oak doors, protects the entrance to the precincts. Built into the massive fortification wall are more than 270 dwelling units and storage chambers. In case of an attack they offered shelter for up to 1,600 villagers. Some chambers have been converted into a museum now. Connecting the chambers and along the outer wall run several staircases and corridors accessible for visitors. They are also leading to the machicolation and crenels on the outside of the fortification wall. Climbing in the dark and winding battlements is a special experience and gives a strong impression of the defence situation in case of a siege.

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