Montag, 20. September 2010

Dealu Frumos/Schönberg

Dealu Frumos lies on the margin of the charming valley of Hârtibaciu River. From further away the fortified church offers an impressive and typical image for Transylvania. Visitors can easily identify the gradual expansion of the defence facilities since the late Middle Ages: almost 800 years ago the construction of a pier basilica began. After several Ottoman attacks the development of the fortifications was carried out: the nave was reduced to make room for two defense towers. Around the church a fortification wall with four more towers was built. Inside the church hidden chambers providing the last chance to escape and a tunnel leading outwards from the fortress were included. In a later stage of construction, after about 100 years, part of the walls had to be transferred to the outside, because the courtyard had become too small and, in case of an attack, could no longer provide shelter for the entire village population. Following extensions were mainly increasing storage room.

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