Montag, 12. Juli 2010

Ighişu Nou/Eibesdorf

Over centuries the castle guardian had been one of the most important men in the Saxonian villages. In Ighişu Nou (German name Eibesdorf) he was provided with a dwelling in the gate tower of the church for him and his family. Among other things one of his tasks was to ring the bells three times a day, and additionally before and during church services, as well as in case of deaths. In case of a fire in the village the castle guardian also alerted all villagers with the alarm bell. In addition he was in charge of maintaining order and cleanliness in the precincts. The municipality members remunerated him with material assets and money for his services.

The position as castle guardian in Ighişu Nou remained occupied until a few years ago, although it had only been a part-time job after 1945, with the last guardian working in factories in Mediaş during the day. In the last few years the responsibilities of the castle guardian were taken over by the administrators of the parish house, which is now a homely guesthouse open for tourists all summer long.

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