Montag, 19. Juli 2010

Axente Sever/Frauendorf

The fortified church of Axente Sever was not only the religious center of the settlement over the centuries, but also a secure place to deposit valuable goods. In the numerous storage buildings in the precincts of the castle wall, small rooms were assigned to each village family for storing grain, meat and other food. Corn was not stored on farms, but brought directly to the castle after harvest to protect it from possible attackers. A special procedure was the storage of the bacon in the so-called bacon towers, which were opened to families only on Sundays after church service. To ensure that no one was serving from another’s piece of bacon, each family scratched an individual sign on the freshly cut edges.

The storage rooms have been transformed into guestrooms in recent years so that today visitors can sleep inside the mighty castle walls. In addition, a museum was set up to report on the history of the village and the fortified church.

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